Hank Bobbit is the singer, guitarist and songwriter of the Berlin-based band "Lorena & The Bobbits". This is her solo-programm.

Breathing the tradition of 60ties Garage Punk like The Sonics and their 80ties revival in form of The Pandoras and The Fuzztones, soaked in deep love to Hank Williams, Billy Childish and Bo Diddley and mixed up with the absurd humor of Reverend Beatman and Bob Log III, this performer's acoustic guitar is being maltreated as if it was electric and hooked up to a giant amp... But since it is not, here at last the singers colorful voice can be heard. A treat usually subdued in the multiple feedback of a band, that only knows one level of volume: FULL VOLUME!!!
The homemade songs are presented by a character, who stands tall in this hostile world with her greasy pompadour and who knows how to protect herself from many distractions in this world, but stands helpless in front of one: The charms of Women. As she pounds out song after song about girls, heartbreak and more girls on her beat up acoustic guitar, sweat pours down her face and the spirit of rock'n roll breaks way in it's simplest, rawest form...robbing the hearts of the audience in a flash.