Hank Bobbit
Acoustic Dyke-a-Billy
What people say about Hank...

"Hank – I'm your biggest fan!" Tex Morton, Mad Sin

"Hank is a total Hillbilly Butch Dyke that's gonna take you straight to heaven with that classic Rockabilly sound that makes you wanna howl." Cindy Wonderful, Scream Club

"You f*ckin rock, ma'am." Chip Hanna, US Bombs

"Bring all your straight friends and your grandmas – this will be the queer night out foreverybody!! Hank Bobbit is transgender cowboy family fun!" La Moustache,
Berlin "Punkrock!! Hank's hair was so cool!" Lynn Breedlove, Singer of Tribe8 and author of bike punk cult novel "Godspeed"

"Hank, let me buy you a drink!" Reverend Beatman, founder of Voodoo Rhythm
Records "Hank Bobbit is the hottest Butch in Europe!" Wendy Delorme, Burlesque
Performer, Queer Porn Actress in "One Night Stand" and author of "Quatriéme

Booking shows for 2011 -- NOW!!!
Bring Hank Bobbit's acoustic solo show to Rockabilly Hangouts, Small Town
Gay Bars, Big City Hot Spots and D.I.Y. Queer Venues, seedy Rock 'n Roll Bar
Backrooms and dimly lit Strip Joint stages all over Europe, CAN and the USA.

Press Text
The homemade songs are presented by a character, who stands tall in this hostile world with her greasy pompadour and who knows how to protect herself from many distractions, but stands helpless in front of one: The charms of Women. As she pounds out song after song about girls, heartbreak and more girls on her beat up acoustic guitar, sweat pours down her face and the spirit of Rock 'n Roll breaks way in it's simplest, rawest form...robbing the hearts of the audience in a flash.

Hank Bobbit is a six 6'2" tall, dark haired Butch with a dazzling duck tail. She is also the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Berlin-based garage rockabilly band "Lorena & The Bobbits". The band started up in 2001, after a friend had told Hank that she looked like a "lean, tall cowboy". This and a strict, lifelong musical diet of Jerry Lee Lewis, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Trashwomen, Reverend Horton Heat and L7 had put the seed in her brain to start a Dyke Country Punk Band. When during the first rehearsal it turned out that none of the members was able to play country, they simply decided to play a mix of Rockabilly and 60ties Garage Punk with some true Cowboy lyrics thrown into the howling pit of furious guitar, grinding bass and a frenetic drum kit.

With her band, Hank has released a vinyl 7" in 2003 on Supi Records, that has
long been sold out and appeared on several international samplers, for example on "The Girls can dish it out too!"- Sampler released on Emancypunx Records,
Poland, in 2004, which was co-released in the U.S. on the label Dagger
Promotions and gave them lots of U.S. Internet and Pirate Radio airplay.

Fronting Lorena & The Bobbits, Hank has made herself a name as an
outstandingly charismatic live-performer, playing all over Europe with queer artists such as Lynn Breedlove of legendary San Francisco Dyke Punk Band Tribe 8, Scream Club, the sexy feminist glam hop duo from Olympia, WA, and Canadian New-Folk-Singer Rae Spoon and anarchist folk punk hero Joey Only. She has also shared stage with (presumably) straight Garage Rock'n Rollers like The Kings of Nuthin, King Khan & The Shrines, The Peacocks, Kamikaze Queens, Chip
Hanna & The Berlin Three and many more.

In 2009, Scream Club's own label Crunk's Not Dead put out Hank's Solo album
"Hillbilly Butch Dyke from Hell", on the occasion of Hank's "Turning Girls Gay
across the USA" -Tour of the US Southwest, Northwest and Canada.
Outside of North America, Hank has performed all over Germany and France,
as well as in Poland, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden,
and Israel.

Hank has also provided songs for the soundtracks of several movie features,
including "One Night Stand", an award-winning queer porn flick by Emily Jouvet,
and "Travel Queeries", a documentary about the European Queer scene.
Currently, Hank is in the studio with her band, mixing their first full-length album.

Daniela Wüstenberg
Phone: +49 176 821 383 30
E-mail: redhotbooking@gmail.com

Clubs / Bars: Club Rogatka, Tel Aviv, Israel //
ZAKK, Bremen, with Rae Spoon //
Cabaret Vaudeville Verlaine, Bremen //
La Feline, Paris, France //
La Bellevilloise, Paris, France //
Duckie's, London, UK //
Club Whatever, London, UK //
Centri Sociaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands //
W&K Squat, Amsterdam, Netherlands //
Seaside Squat, The Hague, Netherlands //
Monster Ronson's, Berlin, with Scream Club (US) & Lynn Breedlove of Tribe 8 (US) //
The Eagle, SF, CA, with The Mighty Slim Pickins & The Meat Sluts //
Redwood Bar, LA, CA, with Jake LaBotz //
Gay & Lesbian Youth Center, Las Vegas, NV //
Dry River Collective, Tucson, AZ //
Backroads, Santa Fe, NM //
Exhale, Albuquerque, NM //
The Dunes, Portland, OR //
The Red House, Olympia, WA //
The Wildrose, Seattle, WA //
Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC, CAN, with Joey Only //
El Rio, San Francisco, CA, with The Mighty Slim Pickins (US) //
Volksbühne, Berlin, premiere party for feature film "The Other Side of Istanbul"//
United Club, Torino, Italy, with Isobel (IT) //
Dionysos Pub, Rome, Italy, with The Nasty Cats and The Mikers //
Next Emerson, Firenze, Italy, with Nuclear Family (DK) //
Atlantide, Bologna, Italy, with Nightstick Justice (US) //
Sklot Elba, Warszawa, Poland, //
Club Imbir, Krakow, Poland, with El Banda, Noisense, The Henchmen (POL) //
Skandia Bar, Hamburg, with Hollywood Babylon (D) //
Gear Box, Braunschweig, with Hollywood Babylon (D) //
Café Glocksee, Hannover, with Hack Mack Jackson und Elvis Pummel (D) //
Black Fleck, Potsdam, with Chelsea on Fire (US) //
Wild at Heart, Berlin, with Kamikaze Queens (D) //
Wild at Heart, Berlin, with The Peacocks (CH) //
Wild at Heart, Berlin, with Smokestack Lightnin' (D) //
Wild at Heart, Berlin, with The Schogettes (D) //
Wiener Blut, Berlin, with DJ Mark Fuck (Soulpusher Party) //
Wiener Blut, Berlin, with DJ Sugar Ray BIG E //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with Rae Spoon (CAN) //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with John Chopper Harris (SWE) //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with Kamikaze Queens (D), Halloween Party //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with Chip Hannah & The Berlin Three //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with Kamikaze Queens (D) and DJ Miniskirt (US) //
White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, with The Hippriests (D) //
Mudd Club, Berlin, with King Khan and his Sensational Shrines (CAN) //
Tacheles, Berlin, with The Narcotics (D) //
Roter Salon, Berlin with Hollywood Babylon (D) and DJ Lobotomy //
Cortina Bob, Berlin, with Brigitte Hendley & The Dark Shadows (AUS) //
Female Open Stage, Supamolly, Berlin with Rhythm King and her Friends (D) //
Schokoladen, Berlin with Plan 9 (D) //
Hoppetosse, Berlin, with DJ Lobotomy //
Hoppetosse, Berlin, L-Party //
Ausland, Berlin, with Lynn Breedlove of Tribe8 (US) //
Frittiersalon, Berlin, with Hollywood Babylon (D) //
Kreutziger Punk Streetfair, Berlin //
Schwarzer Kanal Queer Wagenplatz, Berlin, with Scream Club and Lynn Breedlove //
Wagenplatz Focke, Leipzig, with Scream Club (US) //
Redwood Bar, LA, CA //
El Rio, San Francisco, CA //
Squat WC, Oakland, CA //
House Party, Oakland, CA //
Rote Flora, Hamburg, with Rae Spoon (CAN) //
Silverfuture, Berlin, mit Rae Spoon //
Bar Whatever, London, UK //
West Germany, Berlin, with Eats Tape (US) //
Ä-Bar, Berlin, with Rae Spoon //
Barbie Deinhoff's, Berlin, with DJ Cindy Wonderful (US) //
Barbie Deinhoff's, Berlin, with DJ Mean Little Mama (UK) //
Genderterror, Autonomes Zentrum, Mülheim //
House Party, Malmö, Sweden //
Zakk, Bremen //
Fab Lab, Berlin //
Le Divan du Monde, Paris, France //
La Feline, Paris, France //
Wonderground, Nantes, France //
Le Souffleur, Paris, France //
Hofstrasse 3 Squat, Lucerne, Switzerland //
Kalki Squat, Zurich, Switzerland //
Black Label Bar, Leipzig, Germany //
Academy of Fine Arts Bremen: Klondike River, Group Exhibition //
Kubo Gallery, Bremen: Anja Fussbach & Marion Bösen – Evil Rabbits //
Academy of Fine Arts Bremen: Z. Schmidt – Valery Solanas is back //
Festivals:Queer Punk Thingy, Köpi, Berlin, Germany 2010//
ZXZW – Incubate Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2010 //
Riot Grrlz Festival, Paris, France 2010//
Drag Festival Berlin, Berlin 2009 //
Anarchist Streetfair, Hamburg 2008 //
Zoro Festival, Leipzig, Germany 2008//
Phag Off, Rome, Italy 2008, La Pirateria, with Cactus (IT), Nuclear Family (DK),
Warbear //
Queer 2 the Core Festival 2008, Wroczlaw, Poland, Club Wagon, with Da Boyz, Sister to
Sister //
Ladyfest Leipzig 2007, Squat Focke, with Scream Club (US) //
Queerfestival, West Germany Club, Berlin, 2007 //
Ladyfest Vienna, Austria 2004, with Motorama (IT), Monotekktoni, Mass Kottki (PL),
Amtrak (GER), Tribad (FR), Kevin Blechdom (UK), Räuberhöhle, The Push Ups //
Summer Trash Festival, Atomino, Chemnitz 2004, with Kings of Nuthin' (US),
Sewergrooves (SWE), The Roolettes (UK), Goggle A (JAP) //
Swamproom Sixties Festival, Chez Heinz, Hannover 2003, with Baby Woodrose (SWE),
Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society (D)... //
Noc Walpurgii 2002 - Anti Homophobia Festival, Warsaw, Poland, with USA is a Monster
(US), Lady Die (NL), Scattergun (UK), Duldung (PL), Hysteria (PL) //